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Welcome to the Badminton Umpires Association of England!

We have recently switched to our new website. The layout and content of this site will continue to change over the next few months as we add extra functionality and as we tweak the look and feel of the site. If you have any ideas, suggestions or (constructive!) criticisms, please feel free to contact us!

Do you have any photos?

The photos of BUAofE umpires in action from the old site are all very small and not particularly useful for the sort of gallery that we would like to include on the new site (as you can see below!). Therefore, if you have any photos of an umpiring nature and including BUAofE umpires (present or former) that you would like to share (and that you have the right to share!) please send them to us for inclusion on the site. Ideally, the bigger the photo the better - we can always reduce the size of a photo, but we cannot increase the size of a photo without it becoming pixelated and blurry. Eventually, we would like to have galleries for individual tournaments (e.g. every All England), so if you have photos from previous tournaments, please send them through with a note to say what the tournament was, where it was (if that's not obvious!) and when it was. Please send your photos to

Current News

The AGM of the Association is coming up soon... on Saturday 4th July, to be precise. All paid-up Members of the BUAofE are encouraged to attend this meeting, which will be held at the National Badminton Centre in Milton Keynes, starting at 11 a.m. A buffet lunch will be available after the meeting, at a cost of £9 per person, primarily for those attending the National Committee Meeting in the afternoon, but anyone can partake of the lunch provided they have notified the Honorary Secretary by Thursday 2nd July (for catering purposes) and have paid the £9 to the Honorary Treasurer before the AGM. More details to follow, including an online signup form.

National Grade Passes

Congratulations to (from left to right, with Val Andrews, chair of the National Assessors Group) David Evans, Nicola Read and Tom Chui on passing their National Grade assessment at the 2015 English National Championships at Crawley. laugh


If you have any suggestions for the layout and/or content of the new BUAofE site, please send an email to with your suggestion(s). If applicable, please include links to sites that already have features that you'd like to see in operation on our own site (e.g. FAQ, Wiki, video and image galleries, social media feeds, etc.) While we may not include all ideas (at least initially), it will be useful to know what sort of content you, the visitors to our site, are looking for.

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